The 1st Day of San Diego

Day 1 of Funemployment
Forecast: Sunny with not a Conference Call in Sight

I’ve decided to make the most of these sunny San Diego days now that I’m free and clear of all the boredom of Monday morning conference calls.  Each day I have a new activity in mind to get me off the couch and out of the house, get some fresh air and live like we are on a staycation.

Otherwise I will be banished to a life of Little Bum Bum nursery rhyme videos on YouTube and Home Alone on rotation.









One of my absolute favorite ways to spend a few hours/entire day in San Diego is by heading to Mission Beach and exploring the boardwalk.  Mission Beach is about just south of Pacific Beach, connected by two miles of  wide concrete boardwalk.  This time of year it’s especially nice, since most of the tourists have shuttled themselves back to Arizona or wherever they usually live.

We love stopping for coffee and breakfast at Better Buzz Coffee, it is much less crowded than the iconic Mission, a super popular brunch spot.  The food at BBC is incredible for a little local coffee shop, and they have free wifi!  My real favorite though is Draft,  mainly because they have an awesome beer selection, brunch, and a TV screen that takes up the whole entire wall of the restaurant.  It’s perfect for watching the sunset while you watch the Chargers lose.  Kid Friendly, too!  If you’re into more of a divey beach bar, then walk yourself straight up to Lahaina’s.

I’m sad to say I’ve never been on the roller coaster at Belmont Park – shame on me – but I’ve logged about 1000 miles this year walking up and down the boardwalk and pretending not to be a creepy peeping Tom looking casually into the huge glass windows of all the beautiful oceanfront houses as we walk by.  Personally, I find this area one of the best for people watching while you exercise.  Sometimes it can turn into quite the show of skateboarders, bikers, and Baywatch-style lifeguard rescues.


You begin to see some familiar faces, like Slo-Mo, the former Neurologist who decided life had gotten too materialistic and left the profession to rollerblade up and down the boardwalk at a super-slow pace in his blue athletic gear, spreading happiness to all in his path.  Sounds like he should be a total wackjob, right?  He’s not!  His mantra of “Do what you want to” is really intriguing, especially for those of us accustomed to the corporate life.  He’s a local icon, look for him rollerblading around the 4/4:30pm hour – you can’t miss him.

So on to the next adventure.  Stay tuned for more info—this portion of the blog is slightly being delayed due to our last-minute travels to Bali!


FunEmployment: the Rebirth of the Wanderslut!

Last week on an emergency Friday morning conference call, two mere weeks before Christmas, my caring, loving, employee-centric company gave the greatest gift of all to our entire salesforce:


How thoughtful of them!

In reality it is very nice to have the holidays to spend with my family and reassess what we want to do at this point in our lives.  California is awesome and we really love most parts of living here.  Like the weather and the fish tacos. And the sunsets and palm trees.  And lack of mosquitos and freaky bugs you find in other parts of the world.

However, I watched the incredible documentary on Netflix about Tony Robbins and he said something that really stuck with me.

“Everyone needs a compelling future.  Everyone needs something to move towards.  If you don’t have something to move towards, you settle for where things are.” – Tony Robbins

More to come on this later – we are kicking around the idea of taking a month off and going to Thailand and Bali, possibly Malaysia or the Philippines.   There will always be more jobs that offer the hope of impending layoffs waiting for us when we get back.  It’s America, after all!  The Land of Opportunity!

In the meantime, to ward off my further exploration into the depths of Netflix during the next two weeks leading up to the holidays, I’ve decided to highlight the best of the best things to do here in San Diego from a Local’s point of view: The 12 Days of San Diego!

Side note:  Some people may be pissed that they got laid off, but I’m actually really grateful for it.  This couldn’t have come at a better time:  I get to spend the holidays with my family, enjoy our beautiful city while it is not overrun with tourists, and do some goal-setting for the new year.