The Freedom Challenge Finale, a week late but for good reason.

You may remember the Procrastination and Overwhelm subject I wrote about during this 10 day
challenge, culminating in my resolution to dedicate at least 1-3 hours/day to my new business idea.  This is an idea I’ve had for the past year or so, due to my obsession with my husband’s former career and my affinity to ever flipping episode of Below Deck.  Hey yachties, if it makes you feel better, Captain Lee and Chef Ben are my favorites.   (Not some of those famewhore wackjobs they picked up off the street. I’m talking to you, Rocky, Beef-Cheeks-Leon, and #TrevorTheSeniorDeckhand)    PS, if you are currently a yachtie or wish to get into the business, visit  My Yacht Squad and sign up to get all the latest info!

Well, I’m happy to say, that’s the reason why this particular blog challenge entry is a few days tardy to the party.  Also, I found out that the free trip to Bali had already been given away, so I wasn’t really all that motivated to prioritize this entry in front of all the progress I was making on MYS.  (Shhhhhh.)

WHAT I ENJOYED MOST about this blog challenge, is that it made me start something I’ve been thinking about for years, but was more or less afraid to do.  I mean, why would anyone care what I have to say?  This Freedom Challenge really made me step out there and get comfortable with it, and it gave me a lot of direction.  Also, creative activities tend to let me unwind a little more productively and longterm than just drinking Pineapple Sculpin and mimosas during my time off.

I’ve created so many more goals and have stuck with them.  It’s funny the domino effect that happens!   Bikini bod should be here sometime by mid-fall, just in time to cover it with sweaters and…sit on the couch watching TV for three months —wait a minute!  what the f^&*%!   Bad timing on my part.  Unless…there’s no such thing as bad timing, and we just move to a warmer place for the winter like a family of Canadian snowbirds chasing the summertime 95 miles an hour down the Florida Turnpike.

You’ve seen them before, don’t you act like I’m the alone in this observation.  Those grannies can really haul some ass!

MY FAVORITE CHALLENGE DAY was coming to terms with reasons behind procrastination and overwhelm.  This one is my favorite, because I set my intention for MYS (the new business).  Rather than continue to ignore it like a huge elephant in the room, simply because I don’t know how it will materialize.  I’m not a coder.  I’m hardly technologically gifted – we have 4 remotes, and I’m pretty sure my 9 month old knows how to work them better than I do.  However, creating my Wanderslut blog and learning some of the basics about WordPress has really made the other project not so daunting.  This challenge has been great training wheels, which I didn’t realize until I started back at it again.

The biggest takeaway from this whole experience is to really think about what I want and have clear goals about it. Too often, I focus on the big picture and where I want to be work-wise, lifestyle-wise, etc.  This makes my head spin and I end up just avoiding it and finding something more fun to do.  So breaking it out into small steps, even if it is as simple as this 10-day challenge, is really the key for me.   I’m amazed at what I have accomplished and learned in the last 2 weeks, it is really incredible.

So next steps:  we have booked tickets to go to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, to preliminarily launch this new website.  (pun intended, wheeeeee)  It’s just too important to pass up, not to mention super fun with superyachts!

This gives me a hard deadline for having the website functional enough to begin promoting it, which is holding me accountable to make all the steps come together between now and then.    I’m really productive under pressure.  I’m also a bit bat-shit crazy at times while under pressure, but hey – it adds a little mystery to the old relationship.

Speaking of bat-shit crazy:  This deadline also gives me something to focus on besides this Godforsaken election coming up.  I mean, COME ON.  These two jokers are the best we can do?  *facepalm*

Cape Town, South Africa

Also, we have booked another trip to South Africa over the Christmas holidays to visit the family.  To ramp up our excitement and share the journey, my goal is to do a weekly series on the beautiful country.  Sharing some of the highlights from our previous trips, including what
wineries to go to, where to find the best curry, and how to say certain swear words in Afrikaans!

Stay Tuned!  And thank you for your support and feedback on my blogs so far.  I had no idea anyone else would enjoy it as much as I have, too.  Cheers!

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