Tribal Serendipity

Are there such things as coincidences?  Some people believe that there aren’t.  That things are set up for you by what you put out into the universe, with the right timing, based on what you’re ready for at that moment.

Today’s blog focus is centered on how to find your tribe.  The handful (or more, if you’re lucky and a A++ networker) of people who you can emulate and who mentor you straight down your very own success path.find-your-tribe-love-them-hard

I started this blog challenge to light a big old fire under my booty, but it also had a focus on the same themes that I’ve been studying for the past few months.  Each day we are emailed a short video from Natalie Sisson, who outlines the focus for us and encourages us to write/video/smoke signal our thoughts on the topic via our blogs.

Today I’m supposed to name 1-2 people who are leading the life I’d like to lead myself, and what  one question I’d like to ask them.  Knowing me, the question would have about 6 subparts and an interpretive dance.  For the record, I’ve never made it completely through the dance before.

be-a-frhThe first two people who came to mind were Marianne Cantwell, the Free Range author, and the other is the Freedom-Planning leader of this blog challenge, Natalie.   At first I thought it may be kind of like picking the friend who picked you to play catch, because you kind of felt obligated.  But after thinking some more, I realized that both Marianne and Natalie have very similar (if not nearly identical) approaches to this whole remote-living lifestyle.  It’s exactly why I was drawn to this challenge and actually am completing it in the first place.  (it wasn’t the possible free trip to Bali, because I found out about this whole thing a week after it started.  But I totally would have accepted a free trip to a Bali Mastermind, if that’s what you’re offering.)

I digress.  These two incredible ladies are really inspiring to me.    One main reason being that they are genuinely dedicated to spreading the wealth on this freedom while working lifestyle.  Also, they’ve been there and done it themselves.  They aren’t hiding behind a computer screen, leading some shoddy webinar in order to make a few bucks.

So guess what?  Natalie is here in San Diego right now.  How random! What are the odds?  She had challenged us to reach out to the people we want to meet/question, so I did. We shall see what happens!  If anything, I will take it as a sign that I’m on the right path.  Like the 11:11 smoke signal of tribal serendipity.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

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