All Aboard the Shiny Express!

Last time I checked, there’s no way of booking an Adult fare on Amtrak’s “Train of Thought,” so it must be connected to why it’s so often derailed.

Day 5 of this blog challenge has us evaluating how we will set ourselves up for success in making this dream of not being a corporate slave come true.  There are many people out there who find it hard to work from home.  I’m not one of them!  I would literally die if I had to go to an office from 9-5.  Literally.  Die.   But the past 15 years of working remotely have forced me to come up with a routine and daily habits that keep me on track, when so many shiny, beautiful, fun distractions wait in the shadows as if sent from Santa Satan himself.   In other words, a one way ticket on the Shiny Express.  toot! toot!

So, for me what works is:

  • Consistency
  • Beginning the day with 2-3 main activities to complete
  • Owning that time to myself. (aka: leave me the hell alone)

For me personally, it works best to take about 20-30 minutes  of distraction-free quiet time in the morning to prep and then the few hours after my little squawker passes out at night to work on the research, ideas, and other fun stuff that’s come up during the day.

I’m lucky that I have only ever worked remotely in my career.  I’ve never had to clock into an office, otherwise I would probably hide out in the bathroom “talking to my attorney” aka sleeping sitting up on the toilet for an hour every day.  Don’t act like you’ve never done it before, I know it happens.  I have people on the inside.

So I have a routine already that makes me successful every day.  It usually looks like this:

Every morning I slide out of bed undetected as if doing the walk of shame, then shower the few hours of sleep off myself.   Still half asleep Fully awake, I am able to take a look at my work schedule, set my goals & intentions for the day, and look at whatever my project was the day before with a fresh set of eyes.   This 25 minute cycle is so productive!

It also helps that everyone else in my house is still asleep at this moment, so it is that ever golden quiet hour.*  Being the obsession-queen that I am, whatever is on my mind MUST be taken care of before I can go out and play.  Otherwise, my focus and attention span is about as capable as Taylor Swift in a big-girl relationship.

For longer home office working periods, I do find that breaking it out into task-oriented or 25 minute time blocks, also known as the Pomodoro Technique, helps keep the productivity going and procrastination at bay.  #guiltyofthatone

What sort of daily routines work for you?  How do you stay focused and keep the distractions at bay?  Share them in the comments if you get a chance, I’d love to hear some new ideas.


*minus the neighbors’ (yes, plural) dogs barking, Boeing 737s overhead every 5 minutes, garbage trucks in our alley (seriously, HOW MANY CAN THERE POSSIBLY BE EVERYDAY), and nearby domestic disputes.  We plan to move shortly.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

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