Perfection, in a Day.

So, I know this is intended to be a travel blog, but part of this 10 day blog challenge is following the directions set forth by this kiwi called Natalie every day.  You can read more about it  by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.   I stumbled upon the challenge at the perfect time, and so far it’s been right in line with certain goals for the future.

Today’s assignment is to write about my Perfect Day.  I know I may get some eyerolls, and possibly “Who are you to think you can just create a perfect day, you creepy new-age hippie dreamer?  Go back to doing your expense reports and entering your sales calls in the ridiculous CRM system, freak!”

To which I would say, “Excuse me.  It is my TPS reports, and I think you stole my stapler.”

I am a huge believer in making vision boards, like the old-school ones out of old Cosmo and British Bride magazines.  I try to stay away from using Us Weekly and In Touch, as it’s not my intention to end up as a strung-out, unrecognizable Kardashian Kreature, hot off my last spat with Taylor Swift.   I prefer to use the more uplifting and visually appealing options, and even have used a Costco magazine before.   Hey, don’t judge!  They have really awesome travel packages in the back that have tons of photos of those super cute water bungalows in Bora Bora!

So here we go – feel free to put your Soothing Spa Sounds playlist on from Spotify, close your eyes, and visualize…oh and get someone to read this out to you since your eyes are closed.

Perfection, in a Day.   

I wake up in our house at the beach, next to my husband for some morning cuddles** (**I am not a superfan of the word cuddles, for the record—it sounds like a clown’s name. However, snuggles isn’t a much better option, so got to deal with it.)

Anyways —-  Our house has a bright open Miami-style floor plan, surrounded by lush landscaping and overlooking the water.    We have fun and polite neighbors, who are all driven to be successful and instill similar values in their kids as we do.  It’s a great match for our family, and always keeps us busy with fun things to do.  oh wait, I digress.  Where was I… Oh yes, coffee time.

So I’m greeted by our dogs as I walk in to make some coffee and notice it’s a beautiful sunny day.  While I was making coffee, Big Mac has brought Little Mac into the kitchen, smiling and full of things to say, as usual.   We go onto the beautiful shaded patio to enjoy the sea breeze while pumping 100 tons of caffeine thru my veins  enjoying a cup of coffee.  I read my daily devotional/inspirational thoughts, and get my mind all set for the day.  I go into my office to check on some business for about an hour or so, and jot down some ideas I have for a new project for my web business.  After a bit we go inside to get dressed and our things packed to go out on the boat.


We head to the marina to meet up with some friends, and we all head out for a fun few hours, cruising up the coastline and basking in the sun.   It’s an absolutely gorgeous day as we listen to music and watch all the seagulls and dolphins who occasionally are following our boat.  We stop for lunch at a little beach bar that has the BEST margaritas around.  It is just magical.


We are planning our next family trip to Bali, where we are going to stay for about 3 weeks, possibly a month. It’s all a very stress-free, enjoyable life we love to live.  The only stress we have comes from excitement about the newest online project we are starting. So, we head home after a bit to shower up and hang out by our pool.  ittle Mac is learning to swim, and doing really well!  (Obviously, I am not his swim coach.)  So, I watch them play around while we watch the sunset, and…

I’m just gonna leave it at that for now.  I’m already relaxed and need to take a nap

To Summarize:

Our Family + 

Great Friends +

Enjoying the Beautiful Day +                     =               PERFECTION

Gorgeous Scenery + 

Zero Stress

Great Food & Margaritas 

So that does it for Day 3 of Natalie’s Freedom Plan Blog Challenge, until I wake up to my Day 4 email tomorrow and get cracka-lackin’ again.  Have a #blessed day everyone!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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