BALIFORNIA: 5 Ways Bali & California are Soul Sisters

1.  WHAT IN THE HELL DOES EVERYONE DO FOR A LIVING.  Once settling in to Bali and noticing the sheer number of familiar faces you see on a daily basis, it begins to beg this question:  What in the %$#@ are all these people doing with free time all day?  You don’t really know what everyone is doing there – are they permanent expats or just on a temporary hiatus from working life.  Why are there so many people out during the day on any given day, and what do they do for a living?!  Obviously some people are just on vacation.  Also, with the flight from Australia being just a couple of hours long, it makes it very similar to a coast-to-coast flight in The States.



As part of the FunEmployment World Tour, my husband and I decided it would be a great opportunity to use this bit of time off to take a proper holiday.  When you’re “working for the man,” he tends to give you only a few weeks off at best, which usually gets consumed by family visits and short getaways.   Living in The States puts us so far from one of the coolest areas in the world:  Southeast Asia.   Bali is the vacation destination Heavyweight Champion of the World, with the heavy gold belt locked tightly in a case in Denpasar and everything.


The 1st Day of San Diego

Day 1 of Funemployment
Forecast: Sunny with not a Conference Call in Sight

I’ve decided to make the most of these sunny San Diego days now that I’m free and clear of all the boredom of Monday morning conference calls.  Each day I have a new activity in mind to get me off the couch and out of the house, get some fresh air and live like we are on a staycation.

Otherwise I will be banished to a life of Little Bum Bum nursery rhyme videos on YouTube and Home Alone on rotation.


FunEmployment: the Rebirth of the Wanderslut!

Last week on an emergency Friday morning conference call, two mere weeks before Christmas, my caring, loving, employee-centric company gave the greatest gift of all to our entire salesforce:


How thoughtful of them!

In reality it is very nice to have the holidays to spend with my family and reassess what we want to do at this point in our lives.  California is awesome and we really love most parts of living here.  Like the weather and the fish tacos. And the sunsets and palm trees.  And lack of mosquitos and freaky bugs you find in other parts of the world.


24 Hours in Cape Town, Like a Local (Not Just a Tourist)

This morning, a friend of mine announced that she has two truths:  she quit her job AND she is on her way to Thailand!  Woo hoo!    What an awesome Friday she must be having, and in a few days she will likely have the best Monday in recent years.

Well, this reminded me that I need to publish the first part in my series about South Africa!  We are planning a trip a couple months from now (say prayers, and I am not at all looking forward to the 26 hours in a plane with a 1 year old. Needless to say, this is not exactly a “vacation.”)  BUT we are definitely looking forward to our trip, it will just be a bit different this time around!


The Freedom Challenge Finale, a week late but for good reason.

You may remember the Procrastination and Overwhelm subject I wrote about during this 10 day
challenge, culminating in my resolution to dedicate at least 1-3 hours/day to my new business idea.  This is an idea I’ve had for the past year or so, due to my obsession with my husband’s former career and my affinity to ever flipping episode of Below Deck.  Hey yachties, if it makes you feel better, Captain Lee and Chef Ben are my favorites.   (Not some of those famewhore wackjobs they picked up off the street. I’m talking to you, Rocky, Beef-Cheeks-Leon, and #TrevorTheSeniorDeckhand)    PS, if you are currently a yachtie or wish to get into the business, visit  My Yacht Squad and sign up to get all the latest info!


Choose Your Adventure!

Adventure!  That’s the name of the game.  And the name of today’s challenge, in which we were just supposed to go out and have fun doing whatever we wanted to do.  Which is pretty much what I do everyday anyways.  If you’re going to live in San Diego near the beach and NOT go there at least occasionally, then you’re doing it wrong.  Just sayin.


How I Manage to Procrastinate While Procrastinating: It’s a Science

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

Ironically, I procrastinated on the Procrastination-themed blog challenge of the day.  I got overwhelmed that the challenge was nearly over, that I wouldn’t have someone telling me what to do every day as an assignment, and then wtf was I going to do with myself?  I waited like 36 hours to even open it up. Maybe it was the P-word used in front of me to begin with? Maybe it was just that I woke up to a beautiful Saturday in San Diego and hit the snooze button on this whole blogfest.   We’ll just go with that.


Tribal Serendipity

Are there such things as coincidences?  Some people believe that there aren’t.  That things are set up for you by what you put out into the universe, with the right timing, based on what you’re ready for at that moment.

Today’s blog focus is centered on how to find your tribe.  The handful (or more, if you’re lucky and a A++ networker) of people who you can emulate and who mentor you straight down your very own success path.


All Aboard the Shiny Express!

Last time I checked, there’s no way of booking an Adult fare on Amtrak’s “Train of Thought,” so it must be connected to why it’s so often derailed.

Day 5 of this blog challenge has us evaluating how we will set ourselves up for success in making this dream of not being a corporate slave come true.  There are many people out there who find it hard to work from home.  I’m not one of them!  I would literally die if I had to go to an office from 9-5.  Literally.  Die.   But the past 15 years of working remotely have forced me to come up with a routine and daily habits that keep me on track, when so many shiny, beautiful, fun distractions wait in the shadows as if sent from Santa Satan himself.   In other words, a one way ticket on the Shiny Express.  toot! toot!